Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Random 30 2013: Option4 - Do Work (Original Mix)

I’ve discovered loads of new music and new artists during the calendar year, but if I was asked to select one as the everythingsgonegreen “find of 2013”, it would be impossible to go past Option4, a producer/DJ working out of Denver, Colorado.

Option4 is Brennen Bryarly, and not only has he been prolific in producing new work throughout the year for his own (newly established) Night Supply label, he’s given most of it away – go to the Soundcloud and Facebook links below and grab what you like.

I’ve chosen ‘Do Work’ as the clip for this Random 30 countdown, but I could just as easily have selected ‘All The Girls’, ‘Street Love’, ‘Late Night Drop’, ‘Deep Diamonds’, or his remix of Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Handshake’ ... each and every one of them a potential dancefloor filler.

‘Do Work’ is also available as a Bit Funk remix, but I prefer the original mix featured here. A little bit house, a little bit disco, but always funky, ‘Do Work’ reads like an Option4 mission statement ... this guy just doesn’t stop ...

Option4 on Soundcloud

Option4 on Facebook

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