Sunday, November 3, 2013

Random 30 2013: Fat Freddy's Drop - Silver And Gold

Blackbird, the 2013 album from Wellington’s Fat Freddy’s Drop, has become a firm favourite of everythingsgonegreen in recent times (review to come). Internationally renowned, yet not universally popular at home, the FFD collective couldn’t care less about the lazy labels being applied by local critics in order to categorise the music, it just keeps on getting on with it. Doing what it does best: bass-centric funk and crossover dub.

2013 was another huge year for Fat Freddy’s, the hard-working band once again touring extensively to get Blackbird’s eclectic grooves out there on a global scale. ‘Silver And Gold’ was an early taster for me, downloaded as a sneak preview before I bought the album, and it works as an ideal sampler for everything else you’ll find on Blackbird.

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