Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random 30 2013: Lasertom - Maelstrom

I picked up an mp3 download of the Lasertom track ‘Maelstrom’ on the XLR8R website a few months back and it’s a real gem. It’s still available as a free download (here), and it can also be found on Lasertom’s Drift EP.

Lasertom is Simon Cullen, a producer from Dublin with a background in funk and disco. Cullen’s a relatively new face on the electronic music scene but on ‘Maelstrom’ he gets the blend of bass music and electro-pop just right. ‘Maelstrom’ is all repetitive pulse and sparkling synth, a slow-building wordless foray into outer space … a trip that never quite peaks.

And anagram-spotters ... can you see what he's done there?

Grab a free mp3 download of ‘Maelstrom’ from the XLR8R website.

Lasertom on Soundcloud

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