Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Random 30 2013: Daughter - Lifeforms

There is a creepy intensity to be found in the music of London three-piece Daughter. The band’s full-length debut on the 4AD label from early in 2013 was called If You Leave, and it was a follow-up to three earlier EP’s and a couple of singles.

‘Lifeforms’ is a regular album track, not one of the singles, something which perhaps best emphasises the quality in depth of Daughter’s music. Vocalist Elena Tonra’s hypnotic delivery is all-consuming, and the guitar work never less than intoxicating. ‘Lifeforms’ is an absorbing listen, and it draws me in close each and every time I hear it.

Also worth checking out is the trio’s genre-bending cover of ‘Get Lucky’, and of course the rest of the album, but here’s ‘Lifeforms’:


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