Sunday, February 7, 2016

Happy Birthday To Us ...

This weekend represents a 5th birthday for everythingsgonegreen.

Officially old enough to start school. Which I'm sure will please my proof reader no end.

Five years online, 366 posts, and just this week the blog clocked up its 90,000th individual page hit.

I'm not sure how those numbers stack up against other hobby blogs of a music and pop culture bent, but it really doesn't matter, I'm writing this stuff anyway. If people dig, and they read, then I dig, and I'll write. That's how it works, I guess.

There's some interesting symmetry in those numbers. 366 posts represents almost exactly a post every 5th day. 90,000 page hits represents 1,500 page hits per month on average, or something close to 50 hits per day.

One blogpost is responsible for nearly 10 percent of the blog's total page hits - this one.

New Zealand accounts for the highest proportion of hits (32%), naturally, closely followed by viewers from the USA (26%), with France, Germany, and Russia (!) rounding out the top five in what Google call “audience” stats.

I realise the blog has become very Kiwi-centric in recent times, but c'mon Australia and the U.K. ... where the bloody hell are ya?

Internet Explorer remains the browser of choice, albeit narrowly over Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

There's definitely a strong relationship between the number of visits or hits, and the amount of blog activity or blogposts published. For example, a December 2013 blog peak of over 3,500 page hits coincided with the highest number of posts published (21). In other words, post it, and people will visit.

Yes, I’m obsessed with numbers and the pretty patterns they weave. Just quietly I’m also a touch OCD and a wee bit anal, but if I don’t note this stuff for posterity, nobody will. Um, simply because nobody else cares!

It's also Waitangi weekend here in New Zealand. A long weekend with a bank holiday Monday, right in the middle of summer down here at the bottom of the world.

That means it’s the weekend we traditionally "celebrate", or at least acknowledge, the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, a founding document, signed in 1840 by local Maori and representatives of the British Crown.

There's a lot of politics skirting around the periphery of those celebrations, and most New Zealanders have their own thoughts on what the Treaty means to them, but it's not unusual for things to get a little heated.

As if it wasn’t hot enough already. As I type this, it’s a scorcher here at Paraparaumu Beach (the home of the tree hut where everythingsgonegreen resides) as we head for another 30-degrees-plus day of searching for shade.

So here’s 'Sun Is Shining', a particularly apt tune from a man who shares our birthday this weekend. Bob Marley would have been 71 yesterday:


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