Thursday, February 18, 2016

Classic Album Review: Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People (2003)

I recently picked up a copy of Mogwai's mammoth career-spanning compilation Central Belters. While listening to it, I was reminded of just how much I loved the band's Happy Songs for Happy People album when it was released a dozen or so years ago.

It's probably my favourite Mogwai album, and I reviewed it for another site at the time. It's a fairly rudimentary review, but I still feel exactly the same about the album today:

Atmospheric, deep, light, depressing, uplifting, rolling, building, tensing, climaxing, cascading. Just plain rocking.

Happy Songs for Happy People is an album that takes me places I’d seldom otherwise go. Happy meets sad. Manic meets melancholy. Feeling upbeat and downbeat, warm and cold, both comfortable and uncomfortable, all at the same time.

Tripping ...

Panoramic moments of clarity, copious portions of fuzz. Sparse piano leads and interludes, crashing cymbals, and walls of guitar. Go there, you may like it.

Probably the best and most consistent offering from one of the most under-rated (of the many) Glasgow bands to emerge in the Nineties. Dig the metallic silver packaging, man.

Celtic FC supporters too, apparently. Class.

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