Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Album Review: Thriakis Dub Destroyer - The Galactic Journey (2016)

While web label Original Dub Gathering (aka Ondubground, or ODGProd, depending on where you look) describe the Paris-based Thriakis Dub Destroyer as "one man dub", it's clear the artist himself does his best work when involving others in a collaborative process. At least that's the case so far as his latest release, The Galactic Journey, is concerned.

The Galactic Journey, a follow-up to 2013's Cosmic Dub Monster and 2014's Space Dub Signals, is an 11-track trip into the murky netherworlds of electro and digi-dub, in the spirit of past blog favourites like Panda Dub, Art-X, and to a lesser extent, Radikal Guru.

Highlights include collaborations with fellow space travellers Sensi T (‘Faya Ago Bun Dem’) and Rebel I (‘Ganga Spirit’), but infectious opener ‘Running The Line’ is probably the best thing here. The album is available as a free download (and/or via donation) on the Original Dub Gathering website, via Soundcloud, grab a copy of it below:

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