Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Stuff: GRiZ - Rebel Era (2013)

I’m sucker for free stuff. I’m also an obsessive music hoarder. Combine the two and naturally enough I’m continually on the lookout for free music – whether it comes in the form of single mp3 files for download (see Soundcloud, Bandcamp, various other) or giveaway albums such as sampler CDs. It’s fair to say I download and listen to a lot of crap “free” music before discarding a fair portion of it.

Every once in a while though I stumble across a genuine keeper, something so worthwhile I sit here scratching my head wondering how it’s possible that such great music wound up being a giveaway. One recent example is this album from a guy called GRiZ, a 20-something music producer from Detroit ... it’s called Rebel Era, and it’s an impressive electro/dubstep/blues hybrid that blows me away each time I listen to it.
I don’t know much else about GRiZ, other than the fact that he’s also done some work with like-minded producer Gramatik under the Grizmatik moniker.
Griz, incidentally, is also a slang word used for high quality weed (something from the everythingsgonegreen Bumper Book of Completely Irrelevant Facts right there).
So anyway, if you like electro-geared dubstep with an old fashioned bluesy tinge, you might just like this free download of Rebel Era. It’s relatively hot off the press, released just a few weeks back.
Get the download here: GRiZ – Rebel Era

And here’s a link to the GRiZ Soundcloud page: GRiZ on Soundcloud

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