Saturday, October 5, 2013

Enter The Fuzzy Dimension

A friend of mine over at Eleventh Our Creative introduced me this week to a concept called crowd-funding … or in the specific case she was talking about, the crowd-funding of an album that will supposedly be the epic masterwork of ex-Orb guy Kris ‘Thrash’ Weston.

Weston’s project – Enter the Fuzzy Dimension – is dependent on an ambitious bid to raise £60,000 via Kickstarter. In return for your pledge – a range of options – you’ll get an exclusive album that comes in various forms, and the level of your “reward” is largely dependent on the level of your pledge.

Weston is clearly a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously (see link) but this whole concept raises an interesting discussion on so many levels around how people produce music, how it will be produced and distributed in the future, and even whether or not there is any mileage in Kickstarter projects.

There is also a discussion to be had around artistic integrity, and the whole notion of getting your “art” out to the widest audience possible (something that Weston’s project appears to reject with it exclusivity basis) but perhaps it’s best if I let Weston take you through the idea in his own words:
And here’s a link to Eleventh Our Creative’s Facebook page:

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