Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Festive Dozen 2016: Guts - And The Living Is Easy (RocknRolla Soundsystem Edit)

Released mid-2016, during the northern hemisphere summer, this edit is great on so many levels. French hip hop producer Guts provides the beats that underpin an infectious little vocal loop from (Chess Records legend) Billy Stewart’s 1966 version of the much-covered soul/jazz classic ‘Summertime’. Which is then given a further spit and polish makeover by the prolific RocknRolla Soundsystem ... the end result being something close to genius.

(The Festive Dozen is a fairly randomly selected year-end collection of clips featuring the tunes which featured most prominently on the (generally pop-loving) iPod playlists of everythingsgonegreen at various stages throughout 2016) ...



  1. Mike thx a bunch mate for covering this tune we did. It's highly appreciated!

  2. you're very welcome. Love your edits.