Saturday, December 3, 2016

Face The Beat v4.0

I love a free lunch here at everythingsgonegreen. Which is a bit unfortunate, because I've hardly got any friends to have lunch with, let alone friends with enough money to buy lunch. So instead, I shut myself away in the padded cell that passes for everythingsgonegreen HQ, and try to make do with free stuff off the internet.

Mostly that means music downloads, and this case, it's the 4th edition of (Belgium-based) Side-Line Magazine's Face The Beat compilation series. One that focuses on artists - mostly European, many of them unsigned - of the post-punk, industrial, goth, EBM, and synthpop persuasions.

This edition is a whopper, featuring some 92 tracks, and while not all will appeal, as is to be expected with a release of this nature and expanse, it's well worth having a listen and perhaps adopting a pick’n mix approach to saving and deleting some of these files.

That said, there's some really great stuff to be found here, and highlights include tracks by Elektroklange, Chrysanth, Psy’Aviah, Novo, Antibody, Charlie Jackson, ARS, Omnivar, and Electrogenic. Which is more than enough to be getting on with.

Oh, and where I say (up there) that it's "free", please consider offering a small donation if you do decide to grab a download, as all proceeds from this series go to charity projects - on this occasion, money is being raised specifically to assist a hospital in Mexico. You might also wish to have a scout around the magazine's Bandcamp page, or check out earlier volumes in the series, dating back some five years.

You're welcome ... let's catch up for lunch soon, huh?

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