Saturday, June 4, 2016

everythingsgonegreen on Facebook

For a while now, I’ve had this small hang-up about cluttering up the newsfeeds of friends on Facebook with frivolous music and pop culture posts. Articles, photos, and music clips off You Tube and the like. I can be somewhat prolific and inconsiderate at times. I mean, some friends like that stuff, but it’s not for everyone right? Do my Mum, my kids, or any of my workmates really care what music I’m loving at any particular point of time? Do they particularly want to read the poorly written everythingsgonegreen blogposts I occasionally deem worthy of sharing on social media?  Probably not. So rather than indiscriminately bombard them with copious quantities of pop culture junk, I’ve done the humane thing, and set up an everythingsgonegreen Facebook page as a depository for all of that stuff. Click on the link below, and make sure you "like" the page so that you’ll never miss another blogpost. In fact, you’ll get way more bang for your invisible buck there than you will here. And share it with your friends. But only if you - and they - like that sort of thing, naturally.

Click here for everythingsgonegreen on Facebook

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