Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Album Review: Adi Shankara - Structures (2016)

Not to be confused with the 8th-century Indian/Hindu philosopher/theologian of the same name (whose own debut album is surely eagerly awaited), or indeed the sitar player of an unfeasibly similar name, *this* Adi Shankara is a Montpellier-based producer of super heavy electro dub sounds. His highly promising debut album, Structures, which veers between ambient bass textures and rather more upbeat driving electronica, was released fortnight ago as a free download on the Original Dub Gathering website. Best consumed in solitude, and recommended as a headphones experience - I fully immersed myself in the album during an extended beach walk last weekend. The best tracks (of eight) include 'Far From What My Eyes Can See' (featuring Kiangana), and 'Rust'. Pick up a download copy of Structures (click here) and lose yourself in it.
... or you can simply stream the entire album via this clip below:

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