Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Slice Of Heaven ... online

I’m just going to put this here. My regular reader (get a life, Mum!) will know how much I waffle on about NZ Musician magazine so it would be remiss of me not to share this fundraising campaign on behalf of the magazine. Even if I only reach a few people here. Basically, the now 27-year-old publication is the only hard-copy magazine which focuses solely on New Zealand music – it’s an industry staple for NZ-based musicians, written (mostly) by NZ-based musicians. It’s a complimentary magazine or music shop pick-up which pretty much relies on selling advertising space in order to survive. It generates very little income from sales (although there is a subscription offer available). The magazine’s website is currently undergoing a major revamp, with a big part of that project being a commitment to uploading the massive archive of past issues. Which essentially amounts to creating an online post-1990 history of everything good and great about New Zealand music. Hell, even the bits that aren’t so good or so great. That naturally means a lot of additional resource and cost on a very limited budget. Which is where you come in. I figure, if you’re here visiting everythingsgonegreen – quite aside from being a bit bonkers – you’re probably a music fan. Most likely a NZ-based fan of NZ music. So you know what needs to happen next. As good causes go, this one is near and dear. Click here and throw some copper at the best fundraising opportunity you’ll get all year … and check out this colourful montage of magazine covers ...

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