Friday, November 21, 2014

The Festive Dozen 2014: Sunjaman - Heavyweight Sound

Sunjaman is a bass music/dub producer from Athens, Greece, and in March of 2014 he released an EP called Outta Here, a red-eyed concoction of spiritual roots in a contemporary dub/steppa-style. As much as I was taken by the title track and the different versions of ‘Witness The Day’ on the seven-track EP, I’ve chosen the melodica-drenched opener ‘Heavyweight Sound’ to represent Sunjaman as one of my surprise pod-favourites during the year.

‘Heavyweight Sound’ features vocals from fellow Greek dub identity Northical, and it offers firm evidence – if any was needed – that you don’t need to live in deepest Trenchtown to vibe out on Jamaican roots. Outta Here, and a whole lot of other wicked dub and dub-related goodness is available (for free) on the Dub-O-Phonic Netlabel blog (here).

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