Monday, November 17, 2014

The Festive Dozen 2014: James Blake - Limit To Your Love (Kygo Remix)

With just six weeks until the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking about those essential end-of-year lists … I always do some sort of album wrap for everythingsgonegreen so I’ll get to that at some stage.

I’ve actually got a number of half completed album reviews for “new release” 2014 albums, so I should probably get on with completing one or two of those as well. So many albums, so little time. I may end up lumping quite a few short reviews together in one or two posts just to get them up while they still have some semblance of relevance.
Last year I looked at what had been hot on my pod through the year by listing a ‘Random 30’ (tracks) and posting related youtube links for my most-listened-to “tunes of the year”. But that was way too hard and this year I’ll cut that back to a nice even dozen. Let’s call it a Festive Dozen. An everythingsgonegreen equivalent of the 12 days of Christmas … or something.

Let’s start with one of my absolute favourite remixes of the year. James Blake’s ‘Limit To Your Love’ has been around a lot longer and has been subjected to many different reconfigurations over the course of its hipster life, but none captured my attention quite like this version.
This was hot pod fodder for me during some bleak winter months; so warm and lush, if this doesn’t get your hips swaying, even just a teeny bit, I humbly suggest you might need to check for a pulse …

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