Saturday, August 11, 2018

Frank Booker's Sleazy Beats

I saw Frank Booker perform live at Leroy’s Bar in Wellington back in November last year, but it wasn’t a set I’ll recall with any great fondness, and I doubt he will either, thanks mainly to the sparseness of the crowd and a rather flat atmosphere on the night. It wasn’t so much that Booker was off form, far from it … more the fact that DJ performances tend to rely heavily on crowd response. There’s only so much the artist can do if they’re playing to a partially empty room. Quite why it turned out like that, given Booker’s wider profile within global dance music circles, remains a mystery. That said, Booker has played a fair bit around Wellington over the years, and anecdotally it would appear that the poorly attended Leroy’s gig was an exception, rather than the rule.

Anyway, Booker has just created a Bandcamp account, to showcase and release a collection of tunes previously issued by Sleazy Beats on vinyl only, and it’s well worth checking out. Nine tracks of pure state-of-the-art disco, crossing over into deep house. I really love Booker's use of the bassline from Shriekback's 'My Spine Is The Bassline' on the closing track 'Roady', which makes it one of the stand-out tracks on the release. But they're all pretty good. Here’s the blurb from the man himself:

“A collection of the three releases from the wonderful Sleazy Beats Recordings camp. These were strictly limited pressing, vinyl only, and have never been available as digital downloads. After seeing some of the prices being paid on discogs, I contacted Guy & Kris to see if they were ok with making these available for digital heads, and this release comes with their blessing…” 

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