Sunday, August 14, 2016

Waiting For Your Love

James Milne is a pretty big deal in New Zealand music circles. Currently making music under the Lawrence Arabia moniker, Milne has been at the forefront of the local indie scene for more than a decade, mostly in his (present) solo guise, but also as part of The Brunettes and as frontman for the short lived but much loved Reduction Agents. That’s without considering a touring stint with US indie darlings Okkervil River, or the many other side projects he's been involved with.

He is a man of many talents, and while the retro-dream-pop flourishes of Lawrence Arabia have quite rightly received plenty of plaudits over the past handful of years, I've always felt the Reduction Agents’ work never quite got the full attention it deserved. It might seem like a big call, but I reckon the solitary album, The Dance Reduction Agents (2006), might just be one of the best New Zealand full-length efforts of its decade.

So it was heartening to see this week, appearing somewhat out-of-the-ether on Bandcamp, a Reduction Agents tribute album featuring a few of the great and good of the local music scene – see Liam Finn, The Ruby Suns, Tiny Ruins, Salad Boys, The Eversons, The Beths, Princess Chelsea, and Instant Fantasy, among others – all lining up to pay homage, and to reinterpret that work.

The name-your-price download is called Waiting For Your Love, and you can grab it below:

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