Saturday, March 12, 2016

Orkestra Obsolete ...

I thought this was easily the best thing on the internet this week - a version of the New Order classic 'Blue Monday' made using only instruments that were available in the 1930s - the theremin, musical saw, prepared piano etc.

Obviously there were other instruments of a more classical and chamber music variety around at that time, and much earlier of course, but Orkestra Obsolete place focus on more innovative, novel, and less common instruments, which is what makes this all the more special.

New Order released 'Blue Monday' 33 years ago this week, and it quickly went on to become the best-selling 12-inch of all-time. I can still recall the sense of shock and awe I felt when standing in a Palmerston North record shop hearing it for the first time. I think even at that moment it was obvious it was about to become a serious game changer.

But nothing could have prepared me for this wonderful slice of musical genius  ...

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