Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Festive Dozen 2015: She's So Rad - Confetti

When Tango, She's So Rad's second album, finally arrived mid 2015, much of it was instantly familiar. The album felt a little bit like a compilation release, and included several tunes that benefitted from lots of prior exposure at various points across the past couple of years; not the least of which were highlights like ‘Levels’, ‘Cool It’, and this one, ‘Confetti’, which dates as far back as 2012, if not actually earlier.

In truth, ‘Confetti’ sounds as though it could have been released as long ago as 1985 … which naturally enough, meant it quickly became something of an instant classic in the excessively dry-iced chrome-tinted world of everythingsgonegreen. If there was a more retro Eighties-centric opening 30 seconds to any other tune released in 2015, then we didn’t hear it.

‘Confetti’ also appeals as the ideal final instalment of our Festive Dozen countdown for 2015, albeit arriving a few days late. There’s a few more annual bits and bobs to cover off before the blog can fully consign 2015 firmly to the dustbin of history, but in the meantime, have a happy new year. Gone fishing, back soon (ish) …

(The Festive Dozen is a fairly randomly selected year-end collection of clips featuring the tunes which featured most prominently on the (generally pop-loving) iPod playlists of everythingsgonegreen at various stages throughout 2015) ...

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