Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bourke remembers Brazier on AudioCulture …

There has been a lot written about Graham Brazier over the past week. Brazier died on September 4 and all forms of the media here in New Zealand have been awash with obituaries and tributes. Which is fair enough, Brazier died a true icon of the local music scene and his music touched many lives.

Brazier's solo debut
For me personally, his startling early Eighties solo hit ‘Billy Bold’ stands as his finest moment, by some distance, but beyond that I probably couldn’t be classed as a fan. I do have a particularly blurry memory of seeing Brazier perform live at what would have been either the Albert or Lion Tavern in Palmerston North sometime around 1982 or 1983. It won’t have been with Hello Sailor (I was never really a fan of that band either) and it seems most likely it was a Legionnaires gig rather than anything else (solo, etc). I can’t really be sure.

Anyway, as such, since I was only lukewarm on his music, I’m not about to embark on any sort of clumsy obituary. Rather, I want to direct you to a fine piece of writing by local music historian Chris Bourke over at the AudioCulture website. You can feel the love and the passion fair dripping off the page:

Chris Bourke profiles Graham Brazier here 

R.I.P Graham Brazier 1952-2015

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