Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pitchfork, the Eighties, and Me ...

It’s pretty widely accepted in my house that I spend copious amounts of time “living in the past” and generally indulging in nostalgia. I can’t deny that, and everythingsgonegreen itself offers ample evidence for the prosecution … this blog is nothing if not very Eighties-centric at times. Obviously I also like to keep things relatively fresh and relevant occasionally, but on the whole, my comfort zone is the decade that taste forgot, and one or two years either side of it. It’s often said that you should “write about what you know”, and I like to think I know the “pop culture” side of the Eighties as well as any other 40 or 50-something-plus out there. Another thing I’m often accused of – by those in the know – is being a compulsive list writer. This is also true, although that fact is not reflected so much on the blog.

So, you can probably imagine my excitement earlier this week when I noticed a brand new “Staff List” over at the prolific Pitchfork website titled “The 200 Best Songs of the 1980s” (as rated by the many contributors to that site) … which represents a veritable orgy of Eighties-related nostalgia. Obviously every last one of us would have our own ideas and preferences about what should and what shouldn’t make that list, but I think Pitchfork pretty much nails it here (aside from an unfathomable top two). Take a look, click on the link below.

Pitchfork's 200 Best Songs of the 1980s

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