Sunday, May 3, 2015

Subbass and More Dub ...

Continuing on the path of dub righteousness (ahem), here’s another free or name-your-price digital download album featuring more state-of-the-art global electro dub flavours. Brand new from the Germany-based net label Subbass, More Dub collects 16 tracks from like-minded artists across the globe, to present a truly international set of electronic, dub, ethnostep, and world music tunes.

Well worth a donation, and of a consistently high standard throughout, the best stuff here comes from Dub Size, Hi Towa, Illegal State of Mind, Ben I Sabbah, and SPCZ. Check it out on the Subbass Bandcamp page (here), and if you like this, have a listen to the Ethnostep series of albums on the same label from a few years back, volumes 1 to 5.

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