Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Album Review: Celt Islam - Irfan EP (2015)

It seems perfectly fitting that my first new music purchase of the year comes from regular everythingsgonegreen perennial Celt Islam. It comes in the form of the six-track Irfan EP, and the release is available on the Earth City Recordz bandcamp page (get it here).

Celt Islam’s latest offering is yet another gem, and it features collaborations with the Renegade Sufi (aka Dawoud Kringle, on the excellent title track and opener) and the much travelled Danman (on ‘In This World’).
Across the six tracks we get snippets of all of the regular “Sufi dub” reference points we’ve come to expect from Celt Islam’s past work; eastern and African elements, psy-dub, and harder to categorise EDM-based stuff. As per usual, the quality control factor is set appropriately high, and this is yet another “no skip” release from this prolific hard-working artist.
If you haven’t checked out Celt Islam’s work before, this is an ideal starting point. Look out too for releases from The Analogue Fakir and Nine Invisibles.

And here's something from the pages of Wiki:
In Islam, ‘Irfān (Arabic/Persian/Urdu: عرفان; Turkish: İrfan), also spelt Irfaan and Erfan, literally ‘knowing, awareness’, is gnosis; however, it also refers to Islamic mysticism. Those with the name are sometimes referred to as having an insight into the unseen. Irfan is also a Muslim given name, usually for males.

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