Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Festive Dozen 2014: The Analogue Fakir - The Forms

The music of Muhammad Hamzah (aka Celt Islam, the Analogue Fakir, Nine Invisibles) has been highlighted a fair few times already on everythingsgonegreen. While it would probably be pushing it to suggest that the genre of Sufi dub wouldn’t exist without him, Hamzah is surely the current master of its form. 2014 was another busy year for the man in question with several new Celt Islam releases, including an album called Generation Bass.

However it was while wearing his Analogue Fakir moniker back in 2013 that he released an album called Worlds We Know, a barely noticed electronic/psydub gem, which eventually made its way to my pod late last year. That meant it was prime listening material for me throughout the early part of 2014, pretty much providing the roadtrip soundtrack to most of last summer. Here’s ‘The Forms’ … 

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