Thursday, July 17, 2014

Elvis Should Play Ska

Sometimes when I’m surfing the net and poking around You Tube music clips I get an overwhelming desire to share my discoveries. Like anyone else really cares, right?

Perhaps that’s a childhood conditioning thing, perhaps it’s an external validation thing, or perhaps it’s something else entirely ... I dunno. I don’t really care ... it is what it is.
Anyway, I’m not usually one for posting completely random video clips to the blog – that’s more of a Facebook thing for me – but I’ve already owned up to a love of Tears For Fears on here, and well, I thought there was something slightly disturbing about this clip, and I wanted to share the cringe factor with you.
Because let’s face it, if I can’t “disturb” my reader(s) every now and again, I’m not really much of a blogger am I?
So, have you ever wondered what Curt and Roland were doing before they became emo synthpop giants? They were part of a band called Graduate and they weren’t very good ...

Here's Graduate with 'Elvis Should Play Ska' ...

WARNING: contains awkward and embarrassing 80s dance moves, proceed at own risk:


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