Thursday, May 8, 2014

Album Review: The Dandelion Seeds - The Dandelion Seeds (2013)

The Dandelion Seeds hail from Reykjavík, Iceland, and the band’s self titled debut album – along with a couple of earlier EP efforts from 2011 – is available only as a pay-what-you-like option on Bandcamp. It’s a December 2013 “release” but I think we can safely put this one in the 2014 box and call it “current”.

It seems the album was locked in and ready for wider release but the band’s label went bust before the final product ever saw the light of day (other than digitally on Bandcamp). Which is a great shame because one listen to this psychedelic behemoth of an album was enough to convince me that The Dandelion Seeds are surely destined for much greater things.
Well, they would be if they weren’t currently in hiatus and involved with another project – making music as The Pink Street Boys. I’m not sure whether or not that means we’ve seen the last of The Dandelion Seeds as a going concern, but if that’s indeed the case, they’ve left us with something special to savour.
Nine tracks clock in at around 34 minutes so it’s fairly brief, but it’s a case of quality over quantity, and seldom have I heard so many classic rock touchstones crammed into such a short time span.

Not only is this a throwback to 1967 and the original Summer of Love, it will also connect with fans of early Nineties shoegaze (there is a strong Ride influence) and prime period Dandy Warhols. The music of Stone Roses provides for another obvious reference point, even if the stuff found on this has a much harder and rather more ragged edge to it.

Byrdsian jangle, portions of sonic fuzz, swirly keyboards, and strong vocal harmonies make this a truly tripped out affair – the sort of thing Pink Floyd might have been proud of when Syd Barrett was still around.

This album took me by complete surprise when I stumbled across it by accident – downloaded on a whim (and a hunch) – and it wouldn’t ordinarily be something I’d seek out, but if you like classic rock with a strong psychedelic tinge, I recommend you take some time out to listen to The Dandelion Seeds. Let’s hope there’s more to come.

Highlights include: 'Crazy Sun', 'Soul Thing', 'The Beast', and 'The Waiting Game'.

Grab your download here – The Dandelion Seeds on Bandcamp

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