Friday, January 31, 2014

Hit+Run Sampler 2013

Here’s something I wanted to blog about a few weeks back, but didn’t quite get to ...

On NYE the Hit+Run Crew released a sampler of some of the imprint’s best work from 2013 – it was initially up on Bandcamp as a festive freebie but now has a small “buy now” (minimum $5.00) price to download.
Anyone already familiar with Hit+Run’s output will appreciate that the release represents great value, showcasing as it does some of the label’s more prominent artists and a fair few hidden gems. There’s some cool stuff on this – in particular, check out Crimekillz, Esgar, Kutmah, Seven Davis Jr, and Al Dobson Jr.

Here’s a short blurb from the H+R Bandcamp page ...

“Throughout 2013, H+R CREW released ELEVEN amazing albums consisting of original music, remixes and more (some in collaboration with IZWID and BLACK JUNGLE SQUAD). Also included here are two unreleased tracks from forthcoming 2014 HIT+RUN releases (January & February 2014) plus an additional super secret bonus track”.

Get the sampler HERE

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