Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Fat Freddy and blog update ...

So I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now at the rate of around one post per week and everythingsgonegreen has finally crawled across the 10,000 page hits mark. Thanks to the, ahem, four people (myself included!) who saw fit to leave a comment. I love you guys! … but more comments please, don’t force me to get all controversial on your ass in order to squeeze more blood.

Anyway, of those page hits, the Fat Freddy’s Drop (love you guys too!) album review from way back has proved the most popular link (859 single page views, though The Naked And Famous are closing in fast). And any combination of words that include fat, freddy’s, and drop, provide for four of the ten most popular search terms that transport readers to everythingsgonegreen.
Fat Planet
Incidentally, roughly speaking, New Zealand accounts for around 40% of everythingsgonegreen’s readership, the USA 20%, the UK 7%, with the rest of the cyberplanet accounting for the remaining third (thank you fine folk of the Ukraine – love you guys too!).

So purely as a pathetically obvious greasy bumlick, to cater specifically to the very discerning (and somewhat attractive) everythingsgonegreen readership, here’s a link to a clip of the latest release from Fat Freddy’s Drop (‘Mother Mother’), found over at Peter McLennan’s wonderful dubdotdash – link below:

Fat Freddy's Drop - Mother Mother (Live)

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