Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just Browsing: Free stuff on Soundcloud ... Part Five: Dub Terminator

Dub Terminator is Auckland-based Chris McLay, a DJ/producer of some renown locally, but also a man very much in demand internationally when it comes to his remix and production work.

Dub Terminator has collaborated with a virtual who’s who of the international dub scene over the course of the past three years or so – whether he’s been applying production gloss to any number of earthy roots dubplates, or producing stuff with a more in-the-moment stepper-style twist, DT’s ability to transcend genres is the key to much of his prolific output. Most of which is already out there and available for free on Soundcloud (in fact, a range of sites).

In 2011, Dub Terminator’s ‘Big Up Riddim’ hit No.1 on Beatport’s reggae and dub chart, plus he’s already released a couple of albums – the superb 2010 collaboration with High Freequency, Soul Island Vol 1, and last year’s Babylon Annihilation. Pretty much all of it comes highly recommended.

Check it out:

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