Thursday, August 30, 2012

80s Dance Classic: Divine - Native Love (Instrumental Remix)

To celebrate the passing of the first reading of the Marriage Equality Bill – nice to see New Zealand’s parliamentarians exercising something akin to common sense for a change – I thought I’d go for something big, bouncy, and very gay today ... a fat cheesy cross-dressing slice of 80s disco heaven from someone who really knew how to party ... LGBT community icon, Divine (aka Glenn Milstead – RIP).

This is actually a b-side, an instrumental remix that isn’t really an instrumental at all, and a version that is arguably better than the a-side released as a single. So far as lost classics go, ‘Native Love’ is the real deal, with this release for some inexplicable reason being largely overshadowed by Divine’s later output, most notably tracks like ‘Love Reaction’ and ‘Shoot Your Shot’. But I love this track, particularly the percussion, and it rates in my opinion as Divine’s best work.

Again, this one takes us all the way back to 1982 – Divine’s ‘Native Love’ (Instrumental Remix):

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